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9 Feb 2023

Sonomet’s Jacket Load-Out Executed by Sarens

Sarens was asked to plan, coordinate, and execute the skidding and load-out of a jacket for our trusted client Sonamet 500km South of Luanda, Angola.

Around last Christmas time, the Sarens team coordinated with the client and engineered a solution to skid and load-out the jacket onto a barge. The crew decided to deploy four 200t strand jacks for the load-out and twenty ballast pumps to maintain the barge level during the load-out. Maintaining the barge level at all times is a seminal challenge in this type of operation across the world. For Sarens, this job was no exception.

The equipment was mobilised in four weeks from Sarens Headquarters in Belgium and set up in three weeks. This showcases the swift and agile capabilities Sarens put in action, setting in motion an international mobilisation plan to help their clients get the job done without delay.

The jacket measured 37m in height and weighed 2200t. Considering the tidal situation and the load dimensions, the skid track was laid on the quayside and on to the barge. Meanwhile, the ballast pumps ensured that the barge remained stable during skidding.

In the warm weather with gusty winds the Sarens crew of seven worked moving the jacket with precision onto the barge ready to be transported to its destination.

The conditions for coordination were challenging considering the location of the project and the work culture with which Sarens is extremely familiar as the company reaches nearly 40 years of experience working on the African continent.

This project is further proof of how Sarens can support our clients anywhere in the world, wherever our expertise is needed!

Source Sarens

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