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8 Apr 2024

Sönke Jordt’s Liebherrs Erect the New Pier at Scharbeutz Haffkrug

Until recently, the Schleswig-Holstein municipality of Scharbeutz had two piers on which walkers and tourists could stroll across the water. They jutted out 165m and 260m from the shore onto the Baltic Sea and were a popular excursion destination. However, due to rising sea levels, the maritime structures now need to be demolished and replaced by new, higher sea bridges. For the new installation of the pier in Scharbeutz Haffkrug, an LTM 1300-6.2 from Sönke Jordt Maschinen- und Schwertransport GmbH & CO. KG was put to work.

Sönke Jordt Maschinen- und Schwertransport GmbH & CO. KG has been relying on Liebherr cranes for twelve years, which it uses for assembly and dismantling work, among other things. Its most recent crane job took place in Scharbeutz Haffkrug in northern Germany, where an LTM 1300-6.2 erected the pier on which visitors will be able to walk 230m across the Baltic Sea this summer.



Carrying 96t of ballast, the Liebherr mobile crane was placed in the water for around nine weeks on a specially constructed cofferdam, of which three weeks were spent working with a 70-metre-long luffing jib. The LTM 1300- 6.3 lifted pre-assembled steel construction elements and beams, each weighing 4t. “That wasn’t easy,” recalls project manager Patrick Kellotat from Jordt. “Due to the cramped conditions on the nine-metre-wide embankment, an LTM 1110-5.1 with VarioBase® helped to set up the 300t machine.”


“I was fascinated by this project, as there were many factors to consider in advance,” says Kellotat. Harsh weather conditions and a small storm surge during the operation were additional challenges alongside the cramped conditions on site. As the water from the Baltic Sea continued to rise towards the dam, it was even necessary to employ pumps to safeguard the construction site. “Our team reacted quickly and flexibly to every situation, enabling us to successfully overcome all challenges.”



The new pier in Haffkrug will be 230m long – and therefore 65m longer than the old one. The deployment of the LTM 1300-6.3 was completed at the end of the February. If the construction project proceeds as planned, visitors will be able to stroll across the new sea bridges from summer 2024, which will not only be modern and barrier-free, but will also be equipped with play areas for children, seating and recreation areas, sports facilities, event spaces and information terminals, and more besides.



For twelve years, Sönke Jordt Maschinen- und Schwertransport GmbH & CO. KG has relied on cranes from Liebherr. Most recently, Jordt was the first company in Germany to add the LTM 1100-3.5 mobile crane with the LICCON3 control to its fleet. In addition to traditional crane hire and assembly and dismantling work in the industrial sector, Jordt also offers towing and transport services as well as its own workshop service.



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