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17 Mar 2018

Soft ground causes crane overturn

The ground gave way beneath the crane’s outriggers

15. March 2018

A four axle truck crane overturned in Pruszków, on the south west side of Warsaw, Poland earlier today. 

The crane was working alongside the railway station at the time and had just lifted the first steel beam when one of the outriggers sank into the soft ground and the crane – an old 35 tonne Bumar T321 or T351 made Stawola Wola under licence from Coles Cranes – overturned with the boom landing on a bakery. 

No one was hurt in the incident and the damage to the building was light. The crane operator told the local police that the ground had given way under his outriggers, and it looks as though he was not using mats on what was soft ground. 

A view from above

Perhaps is time the crane was retired?

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