Sinotrans Carry Out World's Heaviest Building Transport on SCHEUERLE SPMTs – Heavy Lift News
13 Feb 2023

Sinotrans Carry Out World’s Heaviest Building Transport on SCHEUERLE SPMTs

Due to environmental regulations, Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Co. in China was commissioned to re-position a 7,500t hotel by 500t. Due to the high unit weight, the assignment not only required a large number of axle lines but also electronically coupled and controlled modules due to the unequal load distribution. The heavy goods logistics company has been relying on SPMTs from TII SCHEUERLE for many years now mainly because of the excellent synchronisation procedure. With their help, Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Co. set a new world record for the heaviest transport of a building.



The Chinese heavy goods logistics company Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Logistics Co., a subsidiary of the largest Chinese logistics company Sinotrans, has moved a 7,500t hotel in the city of Sanya, Hainan province using SCHEUERLE SPMTs. According to Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Logistics Co., this transport is the world’s heaviest building transport to date. The specialist transport company distributed the load of the hotel on 254 axle lines. A total of 15 Power Pack Units (PPU) drove the vehicle combination.



In addition to the enormous weight to be transported, the special challenge of the transport was the uneven distribution of the load due to the asymmetrical architecture of the 90t long, 35m wide and 20m high building. Nevertheless, Sinotrans had to level and position the structure with the utmost precision. Furthermore, the experts from Sinotrans had to turn the building clockwise by 63 degrees and subsequently counterclockwise by 63 degrees during transportation in order to reach the new location.



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