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14 Nov 2018

Simulators help operators with how to work on valuable machines

Lifting a steel beam with a crawler crane

Date 14 November 2018

This week, Heavy Lift News, was invited to the SOMA College in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. At the SOMA College they offer 2 and 3 year training schemes for infra structural jobs as well as crane operator courses in a marine and offshore environment. 

SOMA is a leading provider of training for offshore crane operators and lifting operations. Besides the courses in a marine and offshore environment, SOMA also offer courses for Dutch Students, who would like to be trained as a machine operator in infra structural projects.

A very wide range of courses are offered and more then 1000 students are following the 2 or 3 years education on a daily basis. In addition they offer parttime courses for Crane operators, Riggers and supervisors.

To enable the students to get the best training possible, their theoretical classes are frequently accompanied by training sessions on the simulator as well as on the real machines out in the field.

CMLabs in Montreal, Canada, demonstrated their machine simulator at the SOMA College in Harderwijk to show the students the latest developments. The operator seat is giving the driver the real feeling of how the machine operates, whether it is a crane, excavator or wheel loader. CMLabs with their trade name Vortex Simulator has developed for the Mammoet Academy a PTCSimulator in order to train the operators before they start working on the real machine. The advantage of using simulators is that trainees can make all mistakes they can think of, without damaging the real machine.

Watch the video below:

SOMA has a large facility in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, where exercises can also be done on real cranes tower cranes as well as wheel loaders, bulldozers, excavators etc.

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