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23 May 2019

Sif is expanding its service

For the SeaMade project, Sif was requested by their customer DEME to arrange all preparations for a so called bolting test. During this test, the bolted flange connection between a monopile (MP) and a transition piece (TP) is checked by fitting and torqueing all 128 bolts.

Previously, these test were executed by third parties, but by adding this to their scope, Sif can provide this as additional service to their clients.

Sif prepared the engineering and arranged a Monopile section and Transition Piece Section to be manufactured with all required lifting points. These sections were tilted straight up in Roermond and then transported to the Sif Maasvlakte 2 area. Using SPMTs, these sections were transported from the inner harbour to the quayside. With a 1300T crawler crane the MP was lifted onto the foundation followed by the TP section on top.

After 4 days of successful testing by our client, the MP and TP were disassembled and returned to Roermond, where they will return into the normal production process.

Source Sif Group

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