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5 Mar 2021

Sicilian F.A.C. Select Demag AC 220-5 All-Terrain Crane

Sicilian crane service provider F.A.C. is expanding its Demag fleet: The family‑owned business put a new Demag® AC 160‑5 into operation just a little under two years ago, followed that up with a Demag AC 60-3 about a year later, and now purchased a new Demag AC 220-5 all-terrain crane. This means that the F.A.C. fleet now features a total of six Demag cranes – and for good reason:

Antonio Pompeano (General Manager); Franco Pompeano (Company founder); Claudio Pompeano (General Manager).

“We’re doing a lot of jobs at petrochemical industry facilities, and Demag cranes are simply unbeatable there as a result of their compact dimensions and long main booms,” General Managers Claudio and Antonio Pompeano explain. The AC 220-5 is no exception: It is the most compact crane of its class, and its main boom is the longest of all five-axle cranes on the market with its 78 meters. “In combination with the IC‑1 Plus control system, this makes the AC 220-5 the best choice for us – no contest. And on top of that, it can be set up very easily and quickly,” the Pompeano brothers add, pointing out additional advantages behind the Demag crane.

From their point of view, there is another important plus when it comes to the Demag brand: “Many components in the AC 160-5 and AC 220-5 are fully interchangeable, which saves us time and money in a lot of cases,” the brothers point out before adding that they are very happy with the service provided by Tadano Demag: “We know that we can count on the team 100% at any time – and that’s something we truly value!”

It is worth mentioning that this appreciation is mutual: “Family-owned F.A.C. is a great business partner. We’re proud to be able to further their business success with our products and services,” Tadano Demag Italy Business Leader Davide Camperi says. He then adds that he is looking forward to continuing to supply F.A.C. with state-of-the-art cranes from the Tadano and Demag brands in the future.

Source Demag

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