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5 Jul 2024

Seven New Grove Cranes Added to French Giant FOSELEV Fleet

Leading French crane rental company FOSELEV has added seven new Grove cranes. A combination of three, four, and five-axle Grove all-terrain cranes join over 100 other Grove cranes in one of Europe’s largest rental fleets. The cranes are already hard at work, supporting FOSELEV in its work across construction, energy, and industrial projects.

FOSELEV selected these cranes for their compact footprints, easy transportation, long booms, and versatility to work across multiple industries. The company has used several of its new three-axle cranes to replace older two-axle units, immediately boosting its lifting capabilities towards the lower end of its fleet.

“Grove cranes are one of the foundations of our fleet; we enjoy using them, and we particularly like their variety of long booms and configurations. The cranes can easily put in 1,200 hours a year. The people we work with at Grove are fantastic, and we get excellent customer service. There are over 100 Grove cranes in our fleet, and we expect that number to continue growing,” said Eric Stroppiana, operational director of the lifting, transport, and handling division at the FOSELEV Group.



Grove’s three-axle GMK3060L-1 all-terrain crane is a 60t unit that features Grove’s modern carrier cab and has a compact, 8.67m long carrier. It offers strong lifting capacities and up to 7.5t counterweight, with a long reach and a boom that extends from 9.6m to 48m.



The four-axle, 100t capacity GMK4100L-2 all-terrain crane delivers both compact size and power. It has a width of only 2.55m and MEGATRAK® suspension, allowing it to manoeuvre well into and out of position on jobsites. It also boasts the best load charts in its class and can carry 6.8t of counterweight in its taxi configuration, for an overall vehicle weight under 12t per axle.

The five-axle, 120t capacity Grove GMK5120L all-terrain crane offers long reach with its 66m main boom and outstanding taxi crane capabilities, carrying up to 14.6t counterweight in a 12t per axle configuration or 3.1t of counterweight in a 10t per axle configuration. These capabilities provide greater flexibility and lower transportation costs.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, FOSELEV Group is active in the construction, industrial, nuclear, and energy sectors, both in France and internationally.


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The five-axle, 120 t capacity Grove GMK5120L all-terrain crane



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