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29 Oct 2020

Service Benefits for Wacker GmbH from SCHEUERLE

SCHEUERLE is responsible for the technical maintenance of all towed units at Wacker GmbH including the regular safety checks and general inspections.

Alexander Pfänder, dispatcher at the Filderstadt-based Wacker construction company and forwarding agents says,“Our vehicles are subject to heavy demands every time they are used. They are especially used in pits, plant facilities and construction sites – wherever dirt and debris result in damage and cause a high level of wear and tear on the vehicles. As it happens, in our business we mainly drive construction equipment. High-quality vehicles and a competent service partner are therefore very important”.

Wacker gets both its vehicles and service in premium quality from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family from Heilbronn. The Wacker fleet includes three low-bed semi-trailers from the EuroCompact series. In addition, the company also has four low-bed semi-trailers supplied by manufacturers of other brands.  “The technicians from SCHEUERLE also do a great job on vehicles of other makes. We can´t determine that there is any difference to the service provided by each respective manufacturer”, explains Pfänder. “One can simply feel the enthusiasm of the SCHEUERLE team for commercial vehicle technology. Furthermore, the price-performance ratio is very good and the way to SCHEUERLE is conveniently short.”

This is also true in a figurative sense. SCHEUERLE service personnel are always available in order to provide Wacker with both help and advice. “Regardless which time it is day or night, they take their time and support us with their extraordinary know-how”, explains Pfänder. According to Pfänder, SCHEUERLE´s service technicians are extremely flexible and also help with requests and enquiries made at short-notice. They are always available for our drivers and will find a solution should a problem arise on the road “The excellent contact is definitely a huge benefit for us. We are indeed absolutely delighted with the service provided by SCHEUERLE!” summarised Pfänder.


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