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15 May 2023

Sennebogen and Holtec Link Provides Sawmill Gantry Solutions – Video

Sennebogen and Holtec have been working on projects together for years. With their gantry solutions for sawmills, they are now driving forward automation in the timber industry.

The link between material handlers, Sennebogen, based in Lower Bavaria and plant engineering specialist, Holtec, based in the Eifel region, has resulted in gantry solutions for sawmills that simultaneously automate and optimize timber manipulation. Gantry solutions are an important building block for automation in sawmill technology for timber processing, one of the oldest industries in the world.

The raw material offers a huge range of processing options, which have been designed and developed over thousands of years. In the meantime, sawmills have developed into true high-tech centers that are at the forefront of automation.

(Partial) automation in the processing of logs can make an important contribution to increasing efficiency and quality. On the one hand, the installation of automated systems usually goes hand in hand with the streamlining of processes and the optimization of log storage. In addition to maximizing storage capacity, warehousing becomes more intelligent overall, as automated log handling solutions generally require less space than concepts based on manual handling. What’s more, the operator’s workload is relieved by the fact that they have fewer decisions to make. The reduced potential for errors also ensures consistent quality.

Both companies will be exhibiting this week at Ligna 2023 in the Hannover Messegelände until Friday.


At Dold, the machines run on electricity: an electric gantry version of the SENNEBOGEN 840 E and a SENNEBOGEN 735 GED with electric travel drive take care of timber loading at the Buchenbach site.




Source Sennebogen

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