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17 Feb 2023

Sennebogen Adds new 683 E to Range

Seenebogen have added the new 683E to their range. With amaximum lift of 80t the new crawler crane has the same specifications as the Grove GHC85 which was launched last year.


The 80 t crane is capable of unloading itself from a truck and with the aid of the radio remote control it is completely self-assembling. With crawler tracks attached, it has a transport width of only 3.5 m.

After simple disassembly of the crawler, not only is the transport weight reduced by almost 20 t, but the transport width also contracts to 3.0 m.

The further fifth-generation model, covers a wide range of applications with its heavy-duty boom and its powerful travel and winch motors. It is well-suited for building and below ground construction, bridge construction, pile driving during sheet pile installation, and as an agile auxiliary service crane.

With its particularly robust design, it demonstrates its strength during heavy-duty use on rough construction sites, where it easily handles pick-and-carry tasks as well as lifting operations on a 4-degree incline.

The Sennebogen extra wide Maxcab is standard with a 20° maximum tilt, which can be replaced by an optional elevating cab and 30° maximum tilt.

The new crane fill the product line space between the Sennebogen 673 E and the 6103 E.


Source Sennebogen

From on  7 April 2022:

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