SEH Engineering GmbH Working with their New Cometto Eco1000 – Heavy Lift News
28 Oct 2021

SEH Engineering GmbH Working with their New Cometto Eco1000

SEH Engineering GmbH have recently taken delivery of a new 6 Axel Cometto Eco1000 for moving heavy bridge sections safely to their next assembly step.

The Power Pack Unit with an output of 85 kW is integrated under the robust loading platform. The suspensions are based on compass hydraulic technology with an important stroke of 700 mm to pick up and release the freight.

The electronic steering of this self-propelled module guarantees maximum maneuverability and precision through a +135 / -135 ° steering angle.

With its headquarter in Hanover and approx. 270 employees, SEH offers a wide range in the fields of bridge construction, steel construction and sustainable reconstruction of infrastructures with an annual turnover of approx. 110 million euros. SEH is an internationally active engineering and industrial company that has been part of the French EIFFAGE Group since 2007.


SEH Engineering GmbH is now propelled … to the MAX!

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