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18 Nov 2022

Second Sennebogen Increases Gravel Production for Denjean Granulats – Video

The Denjean Group is a family-owned company and a major player in southwestern France in the fields of transport, logistics and the production of aggregates such as sand and gravel. The Group is now increasing production output at its Saint-Elix-Le-Château site in the Haute-Garonne region, complementing the SENNEBOGEN 6140 HD acquired a few years ago with a second duty cycle crane with dragline from the manufacturer: the 100-tonne SENNEBOGEN 6100 HD.


Thanks to the innovative self-assembly system, the machine can mount itself without the need for any additional equipment.


Three years ago, Denjean Granulats had opted for the SENNEBOGEN 6140 HD with 140t lifting capacity to secure the operation of its plant at the Saverdun pit in Ariège. Now, the French company has once again demonstrated its confidence in the SENNEBOGEN brand and has opted for another of the manufacturer’s duty cycle cranes by purchasing the 6100 HD. SYGMAT, the exclusive SENNEBOGEN sales and service partner in France, delivered the 100t machine a few weeks ago and immediately put it into operation. Equipped with a 3.4 m³ dragline bucket, the new duty cycle crane will from now on ensure gravel production for the Denjean Group in Saint-Elix-Le-Château.


The optimized fairlead of the 100 t crawler crane ensures smooth and precise control.


Crane operator Jean-Pierre Cruzel and Daniel Piovesan, operations manager at Denjean Granulats, confirm after only a short time that the crawler crane will deliver the expected performance with flying colors: “The cycle times are in line with our targets and the machine can be controlled smoothly and precisely. Thanks to the free-fall winches, the drag bucket penetrates the soil well and the fill level is excellent.”

The innovative self-assembly system of the crawler crane allows the machine to assemble itself on site without the need for an additional auxiliary crane. This applies to both the crawler tracks and the counterweight, which the 6100 HD can pick up and set down by itself.








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