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21 Dec 2018

Second LHM 420 for Sunderland

The first LHM 420 was delivered to the port of Sunderland 4 years ago. Photograph – Liebherr

Date 21 December 2018

The port of Sunderland has just take delivery of a second Liebherr LHM 420 harbour crane. Capable of lifting up to 120t, or in  tandam with its older brother, 240t.

Matthew Hunt, director of the Port of Sunderland, said, “4 years ago we invested in a Liebherr LHM 420, and since then we have never looked back. By investing in our second heavy lift crane, we can deliver large, more complex projects much more efficiently.”

Delivered by sea from the Rostock Liebherr factory it will be working directly, even over the Christmas holidays.

Source Port of Sunderland

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