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12 May 2018

Second crane incident on Florida site

The scene shortly after the incident occurred

11. May 2018 

A second near miss has occurred on a St Petersburg, Florida, job site in just over a month. 

On Monday a crawler crane lifting a large concrete panel dropped it narrowly missing those working nearby. The incident happened on the site of the new police headquarters.

In April a crawler crane lifting a scissor lift overturned, narrowly missing those on the ground See Crawler crane overturn captured on video. Once again no one was injured in the incident.

This time the fault was caused by the failure of a lifting bar, embedded in the concrete panel. The entire incident was captured on video and released to the local press earlier today.

You can see a local news report below. 

Watch the video HERE

The main contractor Ajax Construction, said: “Monday’s incident was caused by a defect in the concrete panel, causing a steel insert to sheer as the massive panel was being lifted, causing it to fall.”

OSHA is investigating. SOURCE:

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