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28 Mar 2024

Seaway7 and Rhenus Port Logistics in Rotterdam Agree Further 10 Year Collaboration

Seaway 7 are extending their agreement with Rhenus Port Logistics with a new 10 year contract.

Both companies have pledged to advance the sustainability of their operations, incorporating initiatives such as the use of electric cranes and forklifts, along with launching a pilot project for shore power. The project falls within the wider aim of the Port of Rotterdam to roll out shore power in the entire port as an environmentally friendly and quiet method of powering ships.

Building on a decade of successful collaboration, this long-term agreement reflects both companies’ shared commitment to sustainability and continual improvement in their operations.

Piet van Baalen, Offshore Resources Director of Seaway7: “The location of the Rhenus terminal so close to the North Sea is incomparable and provides Seaway7 with the needed flexibility. We are glad to renew and extend our long relationship for another ten years. Over the past decade, significant changes have occurred in our business, and in Rhenus, we find a partner that evolves with us, demonstrating a necessary mix of pragmatism and future orientation.”

Peter van der Steen, Managing Director of Rhenus Port Logistics Netherlands, emphasized the importance of safety in their partnership, remarking, “With Seaway7 as a long-term partner, we have learned from the highest level of safety in the industry, which is paramount to securing long-lasting business. We look forward to what the next decade may bring.” Rhenus and Seaway7 expressed their satisfaction and confidence in the continuation of their partnership.


Photogtaph courtesy of Boluda Towage


Recently Rhenus’ facility in Rotterdam was in the news when the UK’s aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, berthed there last week, assisted by tugs from Boluda Towage.

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