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19 May 2020

SCJ-100 Self-Locking Cube Jack – New from Enerpac – Video

Improved the safety and speed is available with the Self-Locking Cube Jack. Enerpac’s new 100-ton SCJ-100 model is an addition to their previously released 50-ton SCJ-50 Cube Jack. Self-Locking Cube Jacks are a compact and portable hydraulic solution for incremental lifting and lowering of heavy loads. The Cube Jack uses a base lifting frame and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks to provide high-capacity and stabilized lifting.

Steel cribbing blocks:

  • Are lightweight, <25kg
  • Reduce manpower required, two people do the same work as four people in 1/4 the time
  • Save time, 50% less cycles than climbing jacks
  • Offer a safer and controlled alternative to climbing jacks with wooden cribbing
  • Can be handled manually
  • Improve side load
  • Eliminate the need for wooden cribbing materials

Steel cribbing blocks are only inserted once the load is mechanically locked on the cube jack. They are easily aligned in a single movement providing optimum safety, so the operator does not need to put hands beneath a load suspended by hydraulic pressure. The Cube Jack is derived from the proven Enerpac Jack-Up System, but in a vastly smaller footprint allowing it to be used in confined spaces and without the need for electrical controls. The compact size and portability of Self-Locking Cube Jacks offer a powerful solution for numerous applications, such as equipment maintenance, vehicle unloading or jacking a transformer, module, or bridge.

The video show the advantages of using steel cribbing blocks with the 50-ton SCJ-50 Cube Jackcompared to using wooden blocks with hydraulic climbing jacks.


Source Enerpac

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