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22 Jul 2022

Scholpp’s new Tadano Working on Bridges

Within only a few days of taking delivery of their new Tadano AC7.450-1 Scholpp Kran- & Transport GmbH had got it working on the first project.



At the Sindelfingen train station in the district of Tübingen, it lifted out the “Daimlersteg” steel pedestrian bridge so that the latter could give way to a new approach to mobility at the busy area. And right after that, the seven-axle crane travelled directly to its next work site in Tübingen, where it spent seven weeks showing exactly why it has quickly developed a reputation for being an absolute workhorse.



The following project for their new 7 axel crane was another bridge.  “We actually had to carry out a total of 60 foundation lifts for the construction of a new bicycle bridge,” reports Frank Wolber, sales manager for large cranes at the Scholpp branch in Leonberg. This meant that the team needed a crane that would be able to meet two requirements above all namely powerful lifting capacity and a compact design. After all, the job required for the nine-tonne bridge foundations to be lifted at an impressive radius of 60 meters – and at a work site where space was extremely tight to boot.



The team at Scholpp clearly took a liking to the machine and is sure that acquiring more cranes made by Tadano is the right choice. In addition to the delivered AC 7.450-1, the company has also ordered four Tadano AC 4.080-1 cranes and an AC 3.045-1 City unit with the optional E-Pack.


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Left to right: Jens Ennen (Tadano Faun GmbH & Tadano Demag GmbH CEO), Martin Scholpp (Scholpp Managing Director), Stephan Burkhardt (Scholpp Branch Manager), and Michael Zieger (Tadano Regional Sales Manager).


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