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4 Jul 2024

Schmidbauer Takes Delivery of Third AC 4.080-1 from Tadano

Schmidbauer is already putting its third AC 4.080-1 into operation, a development that the team at Tadano considers a compelling argument in favour of the crane model’s extraordinary qualities.


From left to right: Jan Glöckner (Crane Operator, Schmidbauer), Hans Asam (Sales Manager, Tadano), Vaeceslav Muntean (Crane Operator, Schmidbauer), Stefan Schmidbauer (Managing Director, Schmidbauer)


While picking up the crane in Zweibrücken, Managing Director Stefan Schmidbauer provided even more evidence of this with his comment: “We’ve had nothing but good experiences with our two other AC 4.080-1 units, so deciding on a third was actually really easy.” The crane was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Hans Asam.



The team at Schmidbauer considers the AC 4.080-1’s compact design and excellent lifting capacities with a 60m main boom to be crucial advantages.

“Our consistently positive experiences with the other two AC 4.080-1s made the decision to purchase a third crane very easy,” confirms managing director Stefan Schmidbauer when picking it up in Zweibrücken. “Its device-specific advantages make it very valuable for us and our customers. We particularly appreciate the compact dimensions of the mobile crane and its impressive load capacities, which the 60m main boom enables. In addition, the AC 4.080-1 can be used extremely flexibly as a taxi crane. This makes it a particularly economical device for many tasks,” Stefan Schmidbauer adds. The crane is equipped with the continuously extendable Flex Base support and the Surroundview camera system, which makes positioning it much easier, especially on tight construction sites.




This is vital, as Schmidbauer is planning to use its new AC 4.080-1 as an all-rounder for a variety of jobs that include urban lifts where space is at a premium and much more: erecting concrete and prefab components, trench and utility line construction, antenna erection, container lifting, etc. This should come as no surprise, as the AC 4.080-1 is an extremely versatile machine, as the team at Schmidbauer knows from experience.


All photographs Courtesy of Schmidbauer


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