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8 Apr 2020

SCHEUERLE Delivers Industrial Hub Transporter to Sweden

Industrial vehicles from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family, are manufactured for transport assignments operating under extreme conditions while simultaneously handling the highest payloads. The latest example is the Industrial Hub Transporter (IHT) which SCHEUERLE has just delivered to a Swedish company. The company specialises in the safe disposal of extremely environmentally harmful waste which presents a high risk for people and the environment. The SCHEUERLE IHT will also make a valuable contribution in ensuring that the sensitive waste is correctly and safely stored.

Hydrostatically driven by a Euro Stage V diesel engine with 390 kW, the industrial vehicle has eight pendulum axle lines. The transporter is capable of carrying a payload of up to 140 tonnes. The special transport container is positioned on an 8.3 metre long and 2.7 metre wide loading area of the IHT. In total, the vehicle measures 12.2 metres long and 3.3 metres wide. The fact that all pendulum axles are steerable ensures that the vehicle is highly manoeuvrable in spite of its large dimensions.

The dangerous goods that are transported along with the unusual vehicle dimensions place high demands on the safety of the industrial transporter. This applies not only to protecting the special vehicle and its driver from falling objects and the harmful effects of the cargo but in particular to ensuring the protection of site personnel and objects in the immediate area around the vehicle when manoeuvring. On the one hand, the driver of the SCHEUERLE IHT is able to turn his seat by 180 degrees so that he can also look in the direction of travel when reversing. A second steering wheel is installed in the cabin for this purpose.

On the other hand, camera and radar-based driver assistance systems allow the driver to monitor both the sensitive area in front of and behind the transporter. A total of four cameras are installed on the front and rear as well as on both sides of the vehicle. There is also radar fitted complete with three sensors, two of which monitor the area within a radius of 2 m to 20 m in front of the vehicle whilst one monitors the section behind the vehicle. The images provided by the camera and radar system are displayed on two colour screens in the cabin. With the help of two colour touch screens, the driver maintains an overview of the systems and functions of the industrial hub transporter – for example, where the vehicle’s centre of gravity is at any given moment. In addition, SCHEUERLE has pre-equipped the transporter in order to facilitate the remote control of the IHT.

The Swedish company describes its activities as being one of the largest environmental protection projects in the country. The IHT from SCHEUERLE makes a valuable contribution in fulfilling this important and responsible task and that the highest safety standards are fully complied with particularly when transporting and storing waste.


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