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26 Feb 2021

Schares Transport Three Columns on Cometto SPMTs

Once again the German heavy transport company Schares was in action for a project at Th. Winkels in Kleve. Three columns were ready for transport and the Cometto SPMT self-propelled modular transporters were again chosen to do the job. The special challenge here was the extremely narrow exit area.

The site conditions at the container and equipment manufacturing specialist only allows the use of a narrow transport vehicle. Thanks to their 2.43m width, the self-propelled Cometto modular transporters were the ideal solution.

The task was to move three steel columns of different sizes in a 2-file job from the production hall to the outdoor storage area. The smallest column weighed 40t and was 12m long. The middle column had a length of 26m and a weight of 80t. The heaviest element weighed 100t and was 12m long.

For the small and the largest column, a 6-axle MSPE bogie with a 202 kW Power Pack Unit was used. For the medium and significantly longer steel element, the Schares team added another 6-axle MSPE bogie to provide the appropriate load support points.

The Cometto SPMT also showed its advantages during these transports. Their maximum manoeuvrability in the smallest of spaces thanks to the electronic steering combined with an impressive axle compensation enabled the loads to be transported efficiently and safely.

Joe Schönfeld, the driver of the combination, reported enthusiastically that it is “once again impressive how easily and precisely these transport masses can be positioned.” And his colleague Dominik Stoßberg added: “I am also thrilled with the compact radio remote control, which weighs only three kilograms. Even after a long working day, it doesn’t become a burden for me.”


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