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29 Apr 2019

Schares’ GMK 5250L Lifts for a Good Cause

This was a good cause from the start.

The municipality of Schermbeck has gifted the volunteer Wesel Animal Shelter a wooden building made up of 4 sections. However the largest section was length, 20m x width, 3.20m x height, 4.2m, and they had to be placed at the end of field over the top of some existing buildings.

As everybody knows volunteer animal shelters have very limited finances as they rely largely on donations but with the help of donations and local companies the four sections were lifted over the existing buildings to the site 60m away.

A Grove GMK 5250L crane was used with full ballast to reach the 60m radius.

The crane, flatbed and low flatbed trailers for transporting the 4 sections to the site were provided by Schares, and the local autorites waived the costs for the necessary transport permits.















source Schares /MN


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