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23 Nov 2018

SB Pile Guide Frame tested

The suction bucket type pile guide frame designed and constructed by Guangzhou is put in place. Photograph – Guangzhou

Date 22 November 2018

On November 16, 2018, the suction bucket type offshore wind power foundation pile guide frame independently designed and built by the Guangzhou bureau was successfully put in place.

The guide frame is 47 meters high and weighs 650 tons. The bottom is made of a suction bucket foundation with a center distance of 19 meters × 19 meters. The upper part is made of steel pipe truss structure, equipped with leveling drainage system, real-time monitoring system, preliminary positioning cage mouth, precise position guide tube, etc.

This installation took only 2 hours from the completion of the re-injection of the mud to the complete sinking and completion of the leveling. The maximum deviation of the verticality is less than 1%, which greatly improves the installation of the jacket while ensuring the construction accuracy. The efficiency has marked a major victory in the design and construction of the suction bucket locator, and also contributed to the development of the suction bucket foundation in China.

Source Guangzhou

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