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4 Feb 2020

Sarens working on Mexican Maintenance Project

Sarens was commissioned by Holcim to undertake the maintenance of their cement plant in Tecoman, Mexico.

The team had to provide a solution to replace the oven ducts at the plant in a very limited space as there was a parallel project being executed with two bigger cranes. Sarens decided to deploy its LR1400 SwDB CW 135+43 Boom 42m and LTM1100. LR1400 was the crane of choice as it could lift the load and fit perfectly in the given space.

The equipment was taken on 16 platforms from our base in Pachuca and took 4 days to reach the site. The crane was set-up in two days. Since the LR1400 fitted perfectly in the area, the assembly and disassembly had to be precise.

The crane lifted the sections of the duct of the oven measuring 39m in length and weighing 80T each. The sections were lifted and the crane rotated carrying the sections and finally unloaded them. The crane was onsite for 15 days and performed 7 lifts of the duct sections.

According to the client, “Sarens team did a great job, just in time, and following all high security protocols of the plant, exceeding our expectations.”

Source Sarens

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