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26 Sep 2019

Sarens Transports CMN HydroQuest Tidal Turbine

Sarens France is pleased to announce the successful transport of a CMN HydroQuest tidal turbine on behalf of Cherbourg Manutention. Sarens was entrusted with moving the turbine from the CMN workshop in Cherbourg, France and onto the modern installation vessel Normand Vision, operated by the Norwegian company Ocean Installer.

The CMN HydroQuest turbine had been selected as a demonstration project by the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), through a government-funded pilot program. It will be tested to determine performance in real conditions prior to being approved for commercial use. If this demonstration project proves to be successful, it will open the way for commercial tidal farms at high-potential sites in France and the world.

To complete this special transport operation, Sarens used 2 x 18 lines SPMT to move the 25-metre wide and 11-metre tall tidal turbine from the factory to the quay, a total distance of 2 kilometres.

Operations at the harbour were completed smoothly, efficiently, and without delay.

“Thank you for your strong involvement, which made it possible to meet the expected deadline so that our tidal turbine could be installed in the best condition on the Paimpol-Bréhat test site,” said Mickaël Verdiere, CMN-HydroQuest Project Manager. “Congratulations to everybody involved and your teams on this great success.”

Sarens France wishes CMN-Hydroquest a successful installation and looks forward to future collaborations.


Source: Sarens

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