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2 Jul 2020

Sarens’ Transport Topside of Transformer Module in China

Sarens was commissioned by Zhejiang Thermal Power (ZTPC) to perform the transport and load-out the jacket and topside of a transformer module and the jacket for Jiaxing’s #1 offshore wind farm having total capacity of 300MW and situated 20km away from the coast in Ningbo, China.

The jacket weighed 900T and measured 22,7m x 21,7m x 16m while the transformer topside weighed 3400T and measured 33,5m x 37,8m x 16,8m. Both the load-out operations were executed in a challenging transversal direction.

The load-out of the jacket was completed this past January and the load-out of the transformer topside was completed mid-May during the Covid-19 pandemic with all safety measures and following social distancing norms.

Considering the special structure of the transformer module, our team collaborated with the client and designed the transport beams for load spreading requirements. Our team decided to deploy the normal SPMTs and SPMT splits. This was the first time that SPMT Splits were used in China for a transformer module load-out.  The SPMT Split were cut longitudinally from a normal SPMT providing lesser space limitation, enhanced capacity, high stability, and high cost economy.

In the entire operation the team faced a number of challenges which were dealt with utmost precision:

  • The load-out had to be carried out in transversal direction which required precise barge performance and measurements. Our team worked with the client before performing the load-out to propose specific calculations regarding the route, ramp arrangement, and barge ballasting to ensure absolute safety.
  • There was a pathway and cable trench under the portside for which multiple site measurements and precise calculations were done, new ramps were designed, and port safety was ensured to minimize port reconstruction.
  • There was limited space available under the module, so the implementation of SPMT Splits reduced the width of the trailers making the operation more flexible and lowering the cost for the client.
  • During the entire operation there was heavy wind and rain. According to Sarens Project Manager, Zhang Xiaofei, “The team tracked weather forecast every day and adjusted the schedule and improved operation procedure and equipment assemble efficiency.”

Source Sarens

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