Sarens Transport Tanks From Port Lagos to Dangote Refinery – Heavy Lift News
4 Sep 2020

Sarens Transport Tanks From Port Lagos to Dangote Refinery

Sarens semi modular trailers were used to transport oversized tanks from Lagos seaport to Dangote Refinery in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Sarens Buildwell Nigeria is a leader in safe and prompt heavy lifting and transportation operations of critical loads across the country. Their crew was called in to support the transport of oversized tanks for our client Dangote Petroleum in Lagos city, Nigeria.

The tanks weighing 78t and measuring 16 x 5.5m had to be transported from the Lagos seaport to the Dangote refinery. The height of the load had to be kept in mind while selecting the suitable equipment to carry out the transport.

The team decided to deploy the 8-axle Semi Modular Trailer with excavator deck. The equipment was selected based on the critical dimensions of the tanks as well as the allowed bridge load dimensions on the bridges, electrical cables, and sign posts present on the route.

The trailer was assembled at Sarens’ workshop. The team along with the client coordinated for the permissions to disconnect electrical cables at some critical locations and arrange for the police escort. The rear saddles were placed on the deck and the tanks were safely transported to the refinery.

Source Sarens

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