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7 May 2020

Sarens Transport and Lift in Kazakhstan – Video

Sarens was commissioned by CNCEC to help lift the 1050T splitter at a new gas-chemical complex in Atyrau, Kazakhstan this past January. Sarens also performed the transport of the splitter a few months ago from Atyrau to KPI Karbattan. Watch the video of the operation here!

For the operation Sarens crew of eight decided to deploy the 750T crawler crane. The crane had to perform the tailing operation. The crane was transported from Sarens’ Atyrau yard to the site, 45km away and was ready for lift in 14 days. The site was congested and it was a challenge to assemble the crane in the narrow space available with frequent snow fall.

The splitter weighed 1050T and measured 105m x 9.8m x 10.1m. Tailing weight during the lift was 530T. The splitter was lifted partially and held for 2 days. The final lift had to be completed within 30 hours but our team in coordination with the client completed it safely in half the time.

Sarens Operations Manager, Stiyo CS says, “Perfect engineering planning and perfect crew coordination helped us to execute the job fast and safe.” The client added, “Sarens did a safe and smooth tailing work and fulfilled the commitment.”





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