Sarens Signs Strategic Framework Agreement with Transportes Lalgy Lda in Mozambique - Video – Heavy Lift News
6 May 2024

Sarens Signs Strategic Framework Agreement with Transportes Lalgy Lda in Mozambique – Video


Sarens, the global leader in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport, has announced a landmark agreement with Transportes Lalgy Lda, a prominent transportation company based in Mozambique. The newly inked Strategic Framework Agreement signifies a collaborative effort to bolster infrastructure development across various sectors in Mozambique.

The partnership between Sarens and Transportes Lalgy Lda is poised to address the growing demand for crane rental, heavy lift, Specialized transports, and related services within Mozambique. With a focus on sectors such as construction, energy, telecommunications, shipping, ports, oil and gas, emergency response, project cargo, plant maintenance, and mining operations, the agreement aims to meet the diverse needs of the Mozambican market.


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Central to the collaboration is a shared commitment to empower local communities through skills development programs and knowledge transfer initiatives. By leveraging local talent and resources, Sarens and Transportes Lalgy Lda aspire to stimulate economic growth and promote prosperity in Mozambique. Already, initiatives are underway to support social responsibility endeavors, demonstrating the partners’ dedication to making a positive impact.


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The Strategic Framework Agreement solidifies the long-term cooperation between Sarens and Transportes Lalgy Lda, marking a significant step towards sustainable development and infrastructure enhancement in Mozambique. As both parties embark on this journey together, they envision a future where strategic collaboration drives progress and creates lasting benefits for the nation and its people.



Video courtesy of Lalgy


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Photograph courtesy of Lalgy

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