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15 Oct 2019

Sarens Ship STS Crane from Bilbao to Ghent

Danieli was commissioned to execute the roll off and position on the rail the new handling system on the quay of ArcelorMittal Gent. Danielli roped in Sarens as we have been the trusted partner for Danielle for transport of oversized STS cranes in the past.

The STS crane was assembled at Bilbao port, including on-board piping, electrical circuits, and cold commissioning. The crane had to be loaded-out in Bilbao and transported to Ghent.

The crane has a lifting capacity of 50T, 48T on the sea and a maximum unload capacity of 2000T. It weighs 2450T and measures 107 meters long, 38 meters wide, and 64 meters high. Sarens team rolled out the massive crane onto the barge Caroline using four rows of SPMTs of 24 axle-lines each. Once positioned, barge Carolina safely embarked upon the journey from Bilbao to Ghent which was completed in six days.

According to the client Danieli, “This was a very challenging project with different technical, technological, manufacturing, erection and logistic high-level targets that was accomplished thanks to the strong efforts and abilities of the working team.”

Source Sarens

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