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16 Jun 2020

Sarens’ Sanitation Tanks Installation at Camp Site in France

The Le Tarteron campsite in the north of France is a beautiful location for swimming, camping, and nature experiences for all to enjoy. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic developed and crowds were being asked to stay home, Sarens’ lifting partner T2E inquired whether Sarens could install two sanitation tanks at the campground.


Sarens was quick to respond with a site visit, determining that a 500-tonne crane would be an appropriate choice for the operation. The Sarens Normandy design engineer, who was working from home due to Covid-19, was immediately available to confirm the crane configuration and rigging equipment required: an AC500-2 crane with full ballast (160 tonnes) and 70 different pieces of rigging equipment, including 40 shackles, 35 slings, five spreaders, and four crane mats.

However, Sarens Normandy did not have the necessary equipment at its location, and had only one day to prepare for the arrival of the crane. That is when all the agencies in France (including Paris, Dunkerque, and Cherbourg) mobilised to help Sarens Normandy secure the crane and carry out the project in the midst of complex logistical challenges caused by Covid-19.
With everyone working together to make the project possible, the operation was successfully completed over the course of three days, which included crane mobilisation, lifting, and demobilisation. The Sarens crew lifted the 63-tonne sanitation tanks, which measured 12.5 x 3.5 x 3 metres, and 15-tonne tank lids. Two Sarens crane operators and two Sarens truck drivers helped to execute a smooth operation.

“All support (including sales, engineering, operations, and SHEQ) in France helped to make this job possible in a short time,” says Samuel Perrier, Key Account Manager, Sarens. “SHEQ helped us do this job with the best safety conditions, and all our personnel realised this job with Covid-19 safety rules.”

Sarens was pleased to help the campground complete the project on short notice and during an uncertain global situation. The campsite’s director was impressed by Sarens’ organisation and quality of equipment, and T2E manager Yohann Coubronne was impressed by the availability of Sarens’ design engineer as well as the reactivity and partnership between Sarens and T2E for heavy lift operations.


Source Sarens

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