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8 Nov 2022

Sarens Returns to its Roots – Installing Farm Structures

Whether it’s transporting spaceships or lifting church steeples, Sarens has seen and done almost everything. This time, two Sarens cranes made an excursion to Mangeni Farm in Koksvere, Estonia, where they were used to lift and install various elements of a farm structure.

From February through June, Sarens’ LTM1055 and LTM1060 performed work at Maneni Farm for client Rivest OÜ. Both cranes arrived on their own, being compact enough to make the journey to the farm without the use of additional transport or equipment.

The all-wheel drive LTM1055 led the way on this project, thanks to its ideal dimensions and ability to move around a challenging site that would otherwise inhibit other cranes’ movements. The LTM1055 always coped, and together with the LTM1060, was in operation for packed 10-hour days.

No matter the project, no matter the conditions, Sarens always has the right cranes for the job–and these two small but mighty cranes have been no exception!

Source Sarens

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