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19 Dec 2022

Sarens Replaces Overhead Crane in Arkansas for US Army Corps of Engineers

No matter where you are in the world, you will find Sarens equipment and people engaged in vital infrastructure projects, executing challenging lifts with Sarens’ signature ingenuity and precision. One such site is the Norfork Dam, a hydroelectric power station located in Arkansas, USA.

Recently, Sarens was on location at the dam, deploying their K2400 – 6L split trailer, four CS250 jacking towers, and four 35T SJ to remove and replace an old overhead crane there. The operation required careful coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and their equipment had to be selected to fit within the very small working area available on-site,.

As always, Sarens delivered brilliantly, mobilising 4-6 truckloads of equipment from Houston and assembling it at the job site within four days. With the rigging complete, Sarens then worked with precision and care to remove the old overhead crane, bringing it down in three main components: one trolley and two overhead crane beams. With the old crane safely removed, the new overhead crane was then installed using the same methods, but in reverse.

The project was completed in May and June of 2022, and six people were involved in its execution on-site.

Congratulations to Sarens and everyone involved with this successful operation.

Source Sarens

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