Sarens Rentals' Heavy Lift Tower Cranes Lifting at a Syctom worksite in Paris – Heavy Lift News
17 Sep 2021

Sarens Rentals’ Heavy Lift Tower Cranes Lifting at a Syctom worksite in Paris

Sarens Rentals is proud to provide clients with just the right equipment for any job, no matter how large or complex. Recently, we were pleased to supply VINCI and Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) with two HLTC2400 heavy lift tower cranes to be used at a Syctom worksite in the Parisian suburb of Ivry-Sur-Seine.

Both cranes were transported from Sarens Poland to Paris by road, with heavy transport crossing the city at night to minimise disruption of traffic. The G7 crane to be used by HZI will remain onsite for a year, while the G8 crane that VINCI will be using will stay onsite for 31 months.

Rigging the cranes in a congested area was a challenge. Sarens used a 500T mobile crane to assemble both HLTCs, as well as a climbing cage system for the G8 crane, which was erected between two buildings. The G8 crane required four weeks of assembly, including use of the climbing cage to lift the crane to the requested level. It was configured with a 65-metre tower and 66-metre jib. The G7 crane required three weeks of assembly, and was configured with a 70-metre tower and 54-metre jib.

Sarens would like to recognise project manager Abderahim Bouazza, transport manager Aurel Ilie, and project engineer Wim De Kersmaecker for their involvement in this successful rental contract. Tim De Boeck was responsible for technical support, and Kamil Józefczyk and Mateusz Skrzypczak provided very accurate knowledge on these cranes, as crane operators and technicians.

Source Sarens

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