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25 Apr 2022

Sarens Providing Global TCI Services for Wind Industry

Responding to dynamic changes in the wind market, Sarens is providing wind clients with TCI (Transportation, Crane, and Installation) services all over the world. Sarens’ specialised TCI team brings clients peace of mind, with one point of contact for all solutions.

Sarens has always been well-equipped to provide global crane services ranging from 50t to 3,200t. Foreseeing changes in the wind market, Sarens began developing its in-house installation team a few years prior and strengthened its transportation capabilities by partnering with leading transport companies across many regions. Today, Sarens is also shaping the future of the wind industry with crane designs built to support powerful, next-generation turbines.

The strength of Sarens’ TCI capabilities was recently demonstrated during a WTG installation project in Jagalur, Karnataka, India, on behalf of GE and client India Industrial Pvt Ltd. For this project, Sarens supplied the installation team for the WTG erection.

Working with the rule of thumb that the “first impression is the best impression,” the Sarens team conducted a site visit soon after receiving an RFP from the client. During the visit, Sarens analysed the physical conditions on site, composed of flatlands and small hills, and shared the findings with the client to help them understand potential project bottlenecks and mitigation strategies.

The project requirement was to erect the General Electric 2.7MW WTG, at a rate of one WTG per week per team, and Sarens’ scope was to provide a skilled team, genset, and basic tools. Sarens quickly mobilised the team and necessary tools within five days from the work order, thanks to the efforts of experienced project manager Mr. V. Rajendran, who put in the extra effort to mobilise Sarens’ in-house technicians, tool containers, genset, and office containers from Gujarat to Karnataka. He also arranged the mobilisation of 30 skilled outsourced workers to the project site.

Thanks to the quick and coordinated response to the client’s needs, Sarens was able to execute the lifting of the GE 2.7 to the hub height of 130m (130MHH) at a radius of 20m-24m, with the major critical weight being a 79t nacelle.

In total, Sarens provided a 35-person crew working in two shifts to complete the project within the timeline. The Group would like to extend our congratulations to everyone involved in this exemplary operation!


Source Sarens


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