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3 Jun 2020

Sarens Partner in Nigerian Power Plant Lift


Sarens and Buildwell Plants and Equipment Industries Limited (BPEI) joined forces in 2011 to establish Sarens Buildwell Nigeria with a goal to better serve the African market. Since the division has been catering to the heavy lift and specialised transport requirements of the region.

Sarens Buildwell Nigeria was commissioned by Chuanxing logistics to lift and position power plant equipment at the Azura Power plant in Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria. The team had to transport a reactor and heat exchange equipment from Lagos to Benin City and then lift and position it in the power plant.

The ground at the execution site had a soft laterite soil so the team decided to deploy the LTM1300-1 for the lift and installation and modular trailers for the transportation of the sections.  Our crew of 9 helped lift the sections from the trailers and position them at a radius of 9m. The heaviest section weighed 94t and measured 16m x 4m x 2,5m.

According to Edgar El Khoury, General Manager, Sarens Buildwell, “I congratulate the team for the safe execution of the project. Health and Safety is always a pre-requisite in our planning and execution phases which gives us an edge over our competitors in the region and we are proud of it.”

Source Sarens

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