Sarens Participation in BESS Project Completed 26 Days Ahead of Schedule for Envision in Partnership with Ameresco – Heavy Lift News
27 Jun 2024

Sarens Participation in BESS Project Completed 26 Days Ahead of Schedule for Envision in Partnership with Ameresco

Contracted by Envision in partnership with Ameresco, Sarens has successfully completed its participation in the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project, . This project, pivotal for enhancing the UK’s energy infrastructure, highlights Sarens’ expertise in contract lifting operations, displaying their advanced machinery and skilled workforce.

The BESS project aims to install 54 battery storage systems to bolster the UK’s energy security and reliability. As the UK strives towards its net-zero carbon emissions target, this project plays a crucial role in supporting the increased use of clean energy, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, the project is in the installation phase, with future steps focused on integration and operationalisation of the battery systems.

For the lifting operations in this project Sarens deployed a 450t Liebherr LTM 1450 mobile crane. The crane’s technical capabilities, including a reach of 40,5m, were essential for the precise placement of battery units across six locations. Originally scheduled for 54 days, Sarens completed the project in just 38 days, showcasing the efficiency and expertise of our team.

The use of the LTM 1450 crane was instrumental in the project’s success. Its advanced features enabled us to execute complex lifts with precision and safety. The project site, conveniently located less than 7 miles from Sarens’ Middlesbrough HQ depot, facilitated rapid mobilisation and efficient logistics, improving operational efficiency.


Sarens deployed a 450t Liebherr LTM 1450 mobile crane (photograph courtesy of Sarens)


The BESS project is poised to provide significant benefits to the local community and the broader UK society. By enhancing energy storage capacity, the project ensures a more stable and reliable energy supply, essential for supporting the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure. This, in turn, helps decrease reliance on fossil-fuelled power generation, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the UK’s climate goals.

Throughout the project, Sarens’ team faced various challenges, from logistical complexities to technical constraints. However, their skilled professionals, including crane operators, engineers, lift supervisors, and riggers, ensured smooth operations. Their expertise in handling sophisticated lifting tasks was a key factor in the project’s timely completion.

Sarens’ involvement in the BESS project underscores several unique selling points. Completing the project ahead of schedule resulted in significant cost savings and demonstrated Sarens’ capability to deliver under tight timelines. Utilising state-of-the-art equipment like the LTM 1450 crane ensured precision and safety in lifting operations.

Sarens is proud of their contribution to this important project, reinforcing its position as a leader in heavy lifting solutions. The successful completion of the BESS project not only showcases Sarens’ technical prowess but also our commitment to supporting sustainable and clean energy initiatives.



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