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3 Jun 2019

Sarens on Asian Giant Power Plant Installation

LTU Batang or Central Java Power Plant (CJPP) is a very critical coal-red power plant with 2 x 1,000 MW capacity in Batang Regency, Central Java. PLTU Batang is being constructed by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia consisting of J-POWER (34%), Adaro (34%), and Itochu (32%). Once operational in 2020, the power plant will supply 35,000 MW of electricity for the population of Java Island. As one of the first and largest PPP pilot projects in Indonesia, the Central Java PLTU has a strategic role to encourage the involvement of private investment in infrastructure development.

Sarens was commissioned by PT Jurong Engineering Lestari for Bhimasena Power ID to install 1 unit of 176T HP Turbine, 246T IP Turbine, and a 460T generator on base.

There was a difference in the direction of the entrance and the installation position plus there was limited height available for deploying a turn table. Our crew decided to lift the 3 cargo units (a generator, a HP turbine, an IP turbine) continuously with 2 gantries. The cargo had to be lifted 15m above the ground to generator foundation, skidded 30m inside and then 40m backward.

Our team deployed 2 set of gantry system 4x185T strand jacks + 4x418T strand jacks with six configurations. Most of the equipment was transported from Malaysia to Semarang and the modular beam 1500×1000 were shipped from Belgium. The erection of the gantries was completed in 13 days working in two shifts to adhere to the schedule. Moreover there was limited clearance between structures and equipment erection.

The generator weighing 460T was lifted to a height of 15m followed by skidding it 30m. The HP turbine weighing 176T was lifted to a height of 15m and skidded 30m sideways and 35m back. While the IP turbine weighing 246T was lifted to a height of 15m and skidded 30m sideways and 43m back.

Project Engineer, Ahmad Kamil says, “Our team along with the support of the client successfully completed all the three installations within the stipulated period of time. We even had to do some in situ planning due to changes in the site condition. The equipment was safely erected in half the time, proving that with planning and commitment, almost anything is possible!”

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