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4 Jul 2024

Sarens Lifting Locomotives on Lithuania’s Railway Integration Project

Sarens have successfully completed a vital project in Šeštokai, Lithuania, as part of the country’s railway modernisation efforts. The project is a crucial component of Lithuania’s integration into the European railway system, contributing to the transformative “Rail Baltica” initiative.

The project’s official name, “Transfer of the Locomotive from the Old-Type Carriage Chassis to the European-Type Carriage Chassis,” reflects its primary objective: adapting older locomotives to fit the new European track standards. This adaptation is essential for seamless integration into the European railway network.

Sarens deployed 2 Terex Demag AC220-5 cranes

The project took place at the Šeštokai railway station, a pivotal intersection point in southern Lithuania where the new European chassis meet the older railway chassis. The work was part of a recurring series of lifts conducted every 2-3 months, highlighting the ongoing efforts to modernise Lithuania’s railway infrastructure.

Sarens deployed two Terex Demag AC220-5 cranes for the lift, selected due to their optimal size and manoeuvrability in the confined space between railway chassis. The cranes operated in tandem, requiring precise coordination and care, which was executed flawlessly by the Sarens team.

“The crane operators did an excellent job working in tandem, which required special care and coordination,” said Artūras Dadurka, Project Manager at Sarens.

The entire setup and execution of the lift were completed within a single day, minimising disruption to the heavily used railway. The project involved lifting a 90t locomotive, a challenging task given the space constraints and the need for quick execution.

This project is part of Lithuania’s broader effort to integrate with the European railway system. The Rail Baltica project aims to connect the Baltic countries and Finland with Western Europe by 2030, enhancing regional connectivity and economic growth. By adapting locomotives to the new chassis standards, Lithuania is ensuring its railway system can support this significant infrastructure upgrade.

Sarens was chosen for this project due to its technical expertise and long-standing cooperation on other railway-related projects. The successful completion of this lift demonstrates Sarens’ capability to handle complex, large-scale projects that are critical to national infrastructure development.

As the Rail Baltica project progresses, Sarens remains committed to supporting Lithuania’s integration into the European railway network. Their company’s technical solutions and experienced personnel continue to play a crucial role in these transformative projects.


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