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6 Dec 2021

Sarens Lifting 30t House Boats in Czech Republic

Sarens owns the most massive crane in the world – the SGC 250 Big Carl with a 5,000t single lift limit, 160m boom and a ring base with a diameter of 48.5m, and they execute complex projects worldwide. But at the same time Sarens is proud to serve clients with small local projects, providing small, easily-moveable solutions with enormous possibilities.



Their Demag AC200 showed-off its lifting capabilities during a rental project, when they were asked by their client Ondrej Vlk to offload house boats at the Barkmet shipyard in Lovosice in the Czech Republic. Each boat weighed 30t!

Sarens decided to deploy the AC200 with 43t counterweight, 25m boom, and a trailer. The crane was transported from the Sarens depot in Litvinov in two hours with the crew, comprising of one crane driver, one truck driver, and two riggers.

The two boats were successfully offloaded in six hours. Their client praised the team for the swift movement of the crane on-site and their safe completion of the lifts.

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The Sarens SGC 250, Big Carl, working at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project in the UK. For their work on this project Sarens were awarded the ESTA Crane Job of the Year in April this year. (photograph courtesy of Sarens)


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