Sarens Installs Siemens WTGs on Saaremaa Island – Heavy Lift News
12 Nov 2021

Sarens Installs Siemens WTGs on Saaremaa Island

Sarens recently deployed its powerful Liebherr 1500 crane to help client Five Wind Energy lift and install several Siemens wind turbine components on the Estonian island of Saaremaa.

Sarens transported all of the crane components, including ballast, superlift, and fly jib, to the job site via twelve trucks. It then took one day to set up the Liebherr 1500 8.1 with 105t of counterweight in TAY3S configuration. An auxiliary crane, the Liebherr LTM1070 with 70t of counterweight, was also used.

Over the course of one week, Sarens lifted the wind turbine components, including the 40t gearbox and main shaft, as well as the 54t rotor and blades. Once erected, the wind turbine tower, with rotor, reached a height of 70m. While weather conditions were frequently changing, Sarens was able to complete the job over the course of several windless days.

Sarens would like to thank project manager Jaroslavas Krasadomskis, project engineer Henrikas Savickas, and everyone else who was involved in making this project a success.

Source Sarens

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