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15 Jun 2020

Sarens Installation Work at Lamma Power Station in Hong Kong

With safety as a guiding priority, Sarens is installing power station components at the Lamma Power Station Extension Unit 11 in Hong Kong. Because of the evolving coronavirus pandemic, prioritising the health and safety of the crew has required careful planning and changing personnel rotations.

The installation project is being performed on behalf of customer Taihei Dengyo Kaisha and owner Hong Kong Electric. As part of the operation, the crew is using the Sarlift 2500 and Sarskid 310 systems to install the plant’s condenser. A gantry system, strand jacks, and Sarskid 310 and Sarskid 1000 are being used to install the gas turbine and generator.

The client specifically requested this equipment because it had been deployed successfully during a previous project for which Sarens created an innovative and unusual modular installation system that adapted to on-site conditions.

The equipment required for condenser installation was packed into ten containers and delivered disassembled to the worksite. The containers were sent from the Sarens headquarters in Belgium, sailing on a vessel from Antwerp on January 15, 2020 and reaching port in Hong Kong on February 21st. The equipment was then transported to the worksite, where the Sarens team offloaded it and sent the containers back to port within a week. The total rigging time was less than two weeks.

The project officially began in February of 2020 and is slated to continue through November 2020. As part of the operation, the Sarlift system will be used to lift four condenser parts weighing 94, 79, 54, and 22 tonnes each. Each of these components measures roughly 11 metres wide, 6 metres long, and 5 metres high, except for one item which is 17 metres wide and another which is 7 metres high.

During the project, the crew will have to work carefully within a very narrow area, with only a few centimetres of clearance on each side. Because of the on-site conditions, equipment is being lifted outside the building and then being skidded inside for a distance of approximately 35 metres. The worksite itself presents other interesting challenges: for example, cars are not allowed anywhere on Lamma Island except for at the power station. The crew also faces humid working conditions, according to site manager Sami El Feki.

The Sarens team involved in this operation includes four direct operators and riggers, working in collaboration with approximately 10 other workers and riggers on site. Sarens is grateful to the commitment and talent of all its crew members as they undertake this important operation.

Source and photograph Sarens

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