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21 Jan 2022

Sarens Install Highest Vestas Turbines in Belarus

Sarens SL 3800 installing wind turbines in the CIS

At subzero freezing temperature, Sarens installed the highest Vestas wind turbines in Asmolovichi, Belarus.  A project that was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic was finally executed in the past year further establishing Sarens as the trusted wind partner in the world. Sarens provided the logistics and installation services for Vestas V136 HH142 wind turbines, one of the highest in Belarus and the CIS market, in Asmolovichi, Belarus.

For unloading the turbines the team planned to use GMK6300L (300t) and GMK5130-2(130t) and for the main installation use the SL3800 (650t) and GMK5130-2(130t). The cranes were relocated from Sarens yard in Poland, about 900 km from the project site and delivered and assembled in eleven days.

The crawler crane was delivered in 41 trucks. Due to weather conditions, there was a restriction on the movement of parts of the wind turbine leading to a shift in the delivery time of the wind turbine elements. Promptly responding to the challenge our team agreed on a more economically profitable solution of deploying the installation cranes for unloading the parts of the wind turbines.

The project was executed in two stages:

  • For the installation of the first five heaviest sections of the tower a crane configuration with a boom length of 123 meters was assembled.
  • To mount the remaining sections of the tower, nacelle, gearbox, rotor, and blades the boom length was increased to 159 meters.

The extreme weather conditions and wild terrestrial blizzards added to the challenge.

According to the Project Manager, Dmitry Suprunets, “Despite a significant number of difficulties faced during the implementation of the project and one of the most difficult winters over the past 20 years in Belarus, Sarens installed one of the highest wind turbines in Belarus. We are extremely proud of our teams for their expertise.”

Source Sarens

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