Sarens Install 2500t Bridge Section over Albert Canal in Belgium – Heavy Lift News
2 Feb 2021

Sarens Install 2500t Bridge Section over Albert Canal in Belgium

This past December Sarens executed bridge installation for our client Aeltermann over the Albert Canal in Merksem, Belgium.

Since 2019 Sarens has been involved in the installation of several bridges across the Albert Canal, an important channel for inland water transport between the port of Antwerp and Liege. The government has decided to increase bridge heights along the canal to allow larger vessels to pass, and over the next two years it is investing in the renewal of nearly 20 bridges along this key waterway. Typical span of the bridge is 128m and each of these bridges weigh between 1000t-2500t. With our expertise in bridge installation technology, Sarens is dedicated to supporting the success of this project.

In December 2020 Sarens installed the largest bridge section weighing 2500t. Sarens’ scope included:

  • Transport of bridge parts of 1250t from Ghent to Antwerp.
  • Positioning of bridge parts on stools on the construction yard.
  • Jacking-up of the bridges with CS1000.
  • Loading bridges on the twin barges – Karel & Victor and installation of the last bridge segment with a total weight of 2500t.
  • All bridges were installed on a Sunday.

The team decided to deploy:

  • 82 axle lines SPMT (K24ST)
  • 4x tower CS1000
  • Barges Karel & Victor
  • Sarens Support system BS610

According to the Project Manager, Peter Keyen, “Use of SPMTs, jacking system CS1000, and Barge Karel & Victor in a narrow time frame due to closure of the Albert Canal (maximum of 12 hours) was a challenge to overcome.” He also added that, “The tidal factor and the weight and span of the bridge was also significant which makes the project noteworthy.”

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