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19 Sep 2023

Sarens in Canada

For over a decade, Sarens has been expanding its presence across Canada, starting with the acquisition of Canada Crane in 2011 and continuing with the subsequent rebrand to Sarens Canada Inc. in 2014. Since then, Sarens Canada has proudly participated in several landmark projects, including:

  • Multiple wind turbine projects across Canada,
  • New petrochemical and oil plant construction,
  • Plant expansion and maintenance projects,
  • Multiple refinery shutdowns.

Today, Sarens Canada boasts branches across the country and serves a variety of sectors, especially wind energy, oil & gas, and civil infrastructure. Clients trust Sarens Canada for complex project engineering as well as daily equipment rental from its well-established fleet.  

With its state-of-the-art shop and offices in Leduc, Alberta, Sarens is strategically positioned to support northern Alberta in Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, and other sites; a vast number of wind turbine projects in southern Alberta; and clients across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Continually opening new branches, Sarens has also expanded its reach across British Columbia and Ontario:

  • Ayr, Ontario – Opened in 2018.
  • Vancouver, BC – Opened in 2019 to serve the greater Vancouver area and beyond.
  • Toronto, Ontario – Satellite yard opened in 2019.
  • Cambridge, Ontario – Relocated Ayr branch to accommodate further growth in 2020. Now serving the greater Toronto area and most of southern Ontario.
  • Sarnia, Ontario – New branch, including Technical Solutions Depot, opened in 2022. Now serving several local customers with maintenance and new construction work.
  • Hamilton, Ontario – New depot opened with ArcelorMittal Dofasco maintenance contract in 2023.

Sarens Canada boasts a fleet of excellent cranes and transport equipment, including:

  • 9-25 tonne carry decks
  • 50-620 tonne all-terrain cranes
  • 30-160 tonne RT cranes
  • 110-1,250 tonne crawler cranes
  • 850 tonne lattice boom mobile cranes
  • 17-55 tonne boom trucks
  • K2400 SPMTs
  • K25 Hydraulic platform trailers with prime movers, gantry systems, jack & slide, tower systems
  • SGC Cranes

The jewel of the Sarens Canada fleet is the LG1750 crane, which has unique advantages over crawler cranes, especially in the wind industry. Specifically designed for building and maintaining wind turbines, the LG1750 boasts a strong “X” boom and split superlift tray that allow for quick transitions from component to component.


A Sarens LG1750 in Australia


For wind projects where full rig-downs are necessary, the LG1750 can simply drive to the next pad with an all-terrain carrier. This is often superior to using a crawler crane, which would require three larger trailers for hauling the superstructure, tracks and car body, as well as some smaller trailers for the counterweights. The time and cost savings become substantial as soon these moves are multiplied by the number of towers on a given project.

When set up in a hoisting position, the LG1750’s outriggers also mean it needs very little crane matting. A crawler crane, on the other hand, requires a full crane pad of mats that are perfectly level. This is another cost-saving advantage that clients enjoy with the LG1750.



Sarens Canada has been proud to use the LG1750 on multiple wind projects to date, and is looking forward to what the future holds for this versatile crane.

Looking to the Future

Sarens Canada will continue to serve as a leading force in the energy transition in Canada, continually supporting clients with innovative engineering solutions and cutting-edge equipment. The vision is to continue growing geographically and building a world-class fleet of equipment, business lines, and opportunities for the future.


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