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6 Nov 2018

Sarens in Bahrain for ALBA Potline 6 Expansion project

Sarens transports and lifts sections of the FTAs at the ALBA Potline 6 Expansion project in Bahrain. Photograph – Sarens

Date 6 November 2018

Sarens worked with Nass Industrial Services and NKM NOELL to undertake the transport and lift of trolley and girders at the ALBA Potline 6 Expansion project in Bahrain. Sarens has been closely working at the ALBA Potline 6 Expansion project since a long time.

The job was initially planned for 250T Demag mobile crane but later some structural changes implemented on site by the client, where the roof of the ABF building where the FTA was to be installed, was closed. Given the new condition, our team (alongside NKM Noell construction team) worked out a new plan to execute the lift with the help of strand jacks which significantly require less area. NKM Noell had a design of a mounting frame (as well as methodology for the skidding operation) & Nass industrial services was ready to fabricate (the frame & provide required assistance).

For the project, our team deployed strand jacks and SPMTs (24 Axles). The strand jacks proved to be a reliable, compact, easily operated, and very rigging friendly solution according to the site conditions.

The Strand Jacks where shipped from Sarens JWS in Malaysia and the SPMTs were already available in Bahrain. The strand jacks were transported from port to site in a single flat bed and took 6 days to set up and 1 day for the lift.

Six sections of the 2 FTAs (Trolley & 2 Girder per FTA) had to be transported by Sarens.  The sections ranged in weight from 44T-108T. Transport took place during night as all the items were Pre-assembled on a yard at a distance from the installation site and had to be transported via public roads with traffic police escort. Our team of five members successfully carried out the transport.

Once the FTAs reached the site, Sarens had to lift the trolleys of the two FTAs. The trolleys weighed 107.5T each and measured 12.8m x 8.1m x 11.2m. The strand jacks picked up the trolleys and placed them on top of temporary stools. The trolleys were assembled on the temporary stools and then further lifted by the strand jacks 13m high in a straight vertical lift, to the installation position.

The trolleys were lifted in between the two girders and then the girders were skid inside for around 2m on each side before the trolley could be lowered down on its rails. The skidding operation was precisely performed while the load was suspended to avoid any side loads on the frame. The mounting frame with SJ systems was installed on top of the girders on the rollers to eliminate the surface friction for the skidding operation.

Project Manager & Engineer, Ahmed Omer says, “All the operations were performed on a height and a lot of scaff platforms had to be established to safely access the equipment. Frequent rains in Bahrain further added to our challenge. The project was completed safely. As per NKM Noell (global player in the industry), This was the first FTA trolley to be installed using strand jacks and proved to be valid alternative for future projects”

Source Sarens

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