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16 May 2022

Sarens Helping Indian Wind Energy Production

Saravanan Kathirvel, Sarens’ Associate Vice President of the wind business in Asia

Saravanan Kathirvel, Associate Vice President of the wind business in Asia, shares his ideas on how Sarens is helping India harness the power of the wind.

India’s vast potential for wind is being realised thanks to recent government targets and increasing investment in the area. As of the end of 2021, India’s total installed wind power capacity was at 40GW. However, a recent assessment indicated a gross wind power potential of 302GW at 100m and 695.50GW at 120m above sea level. Acting on these insights, the Indian government has set a target of generating 60GW from wind by 2022.

This is where Sarens’ expertise in the wind sector, as well as its formidable equipment, can provide significant advantages.

Sarens has the capability to provide end-to-end solutions for wind farm development so that customers feel comfortable with a single point of contact for complete development. Sarens can provide complete transportation of WTG components to the site location; crane services for offloading those components; WTG installation with an installation team; off-loading activity; and so on. In brief, Sarens provides complete wind solutions for customers.

Ayana Renewable Power Private Ltd., for example, has entrusted Sarens with a 150MW project with complete TCI scope: transportation, crane, and installation services. Similarly, Sarens won the PAN India installation contract with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), which involves supplying an installation team for more than 70 WTGs, with the number expected to increase to 120 WTGs. As a global partner to Siemens Gamesa, Sarens is working closely with their client to complete the installation of 2.2MW platform WTGs. The vision of this relationship is leading to turnkey solutions, with Sarens offering TCI (transport, crane, installation) services for the new generation of wind turbines.


CC3800-1 in action on a German wind farm Courtesy of Sarens


Making the right equipment available is a priority. Their CC2800-1 Terex Demag Crane with S7 Wind Kit is suitable for wind turbine erection. Furthermore, due to the demand for the 650t crawler crane in the Asian market, Sarens is planning to put a CC3800-1 in action in the region.

Internationally, Sarens is known for crane services all over the world and in India. Their presence in the market as a crown in the heavy lifting industry makes customers comfortable entrusting us with major projects such as Ayana Power’s 150MW installation. Sarens’ reputation is recognized across the globe, and this influences the success of their business model of TCI scope. Furthermore, Sarens HQ is providing all the support Sarens Wind needs to expand its presence across Asia, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and further afield.


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Sarens’  Terex Demag CC2800-1  Courtesy of Sarens


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