Sarens Family Regains Full ownership of Sarens Group – Heavy Lift News
4 Apr 2023

Sarens Family Regains Full ownership of Sarens Group

Begoos (Group Luc Tack) has reached an agreement with the Sarens family to sell its participation in the capital of Sarens. As a result, Sarens will once again be 100% owned by the Sarens family. As a result of this transaction, Begoos also relinquishes its mandate on the Board of Directors of Sarens. An acquisition price has not been disclosed.

In 2021, Begoos took over the minority interest (22%), previously in the hands of Waterland investment fund, of the crane giant Sarens. “Due to our complementary experience in operating global companies, we were an ideal partner to take over the interest of Waterland in 2021. We are, therefore, pleased that over the past two years we have been able to help the Sarens family to regain full control of their company,” says Luc Tack.

“We would like to thank the Tack family for the cooperation and added value over the past two years. With all shares in the hands of the family, we are now armed to profile ourselves even more strongly in the future as the global reference in crane rental, heavy lifting, and engineered transport” says Wim Sarens (CEO Sarens).

This event is of historic significance for Sarens. Sarens is proud to demonstrate through this development its robust standing in the global heavy lifting arena, especially as said change occurs in a time when key contributors in the sector are experiencing an opposite evolution, looking for new shareholders, away from the stable long-term shareholding they have enjoyed in the past. Sarens is sure at the knowledge that this step will solidify and secure the long-term ownership of the company, which will equally allow the organisation to refine its long-term strategy, and strengthen our clients’ and employees’ trust.

Source Sarens