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26 Nov 2020

Sarens Erects Tower Crane in Central Ghent – Video

Sarens may be known for its massive cranes and high-profile projects, but it is interesting to note that the small rentals account for more than half of its global business revenues.

Sarens provides small, easily-moveable solutions with enormous possibilities. Sarens is the only company in the world that a client can approach for everything from a small crane up to the world’s largest crane. Clients can even request to rent equipment for as little as a few hours at a time!

Sarens heavy lift telescopic crane executed a similar project in Ghent, Belgium when a local crane company Noordzee Kranen commissioned Sarens to erect its tower crane in the heart of the city. The client required a specialist to erect the crane in a confined space.

The tower crane will help in the construction of apartments along the river Leie that runs through the center of the city Ghent for the main client Bouwonderneming SE, a local building company in Ghent.

Source Sarens


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