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10 Feb 2021

Sarens Complete Crane Transportation, Bremerhaven to Hamburg, and Installation at Eurogate Hamburg

Sarens was asked by the client to transfer six ship-to-shore (STS) cranes from Eurogate Bremerhaven to Eurogate Hamburg with a stop in Stade in between.

The STS cranes measured 91.8m x 136.6m x 20.2m and weighed 2042T. The height of the STS cranes posed a challenge to move through the high voltage lines. The team decided to separate the STS travel units and their respective upper structure and then finally connect them together at the destination before final installation. The equipment deployed by Sarens:

  • Seagoing barge Caroline
  • Mooring equipment: 4x 40t winches
  • Ballast equipment: 24x BE600
  • SPMT: 4 x 24 axle lines K24ST
  • Jacking systems: 8x CS450 tower + 16x CS250 tower
  • Supporting steel: Modular beams + bracing systems 220 & 324 + lattice systems

Six STS cranes were erected by Sarens at the construction area in Eurogate Bremerhaven in cooperation with LCC. Each crane was loaded on the SPMTs using hydraulic suspension of the trailers and 16xCS250 tower with support structure on top. The cranes were then moved and loaded-out onto the barge Caroline.

The STS Travel Units (wheels) were then disconnected from its upper structure which was a crucial step as the cranes had to pass high voltage lines and the height of the STS cranes was a limitation. The STS upper structure was jacked-down with 8x CS450 tower to a minimum height followed by barge preparations and sea-fasting to make it seaworthy. The cranes were then sailed from Port of Bremerhaven to Port of Stade.

The barge was completely ballasted down, 1m free above water level, in order to pass the high voltage lines. The cranes were smoothly sailed through high voltage lines and were finally berthed at Eurogate Hamburg. The upper structure was jacked-up with CS450, travel units were connected back, the STS cranes were loaded-in on the quay, and finally jacked-down on the rails in Hamburg.

Source Sarens


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